BNV13We’ve decided to do something different in this issue and instead of visiting a different country, we’re going to visit a different time…

The young guns are dominating the barbering scene at the moment deservedly so in many cases

but were devoting part of this issue to a few barbers with over a hundred years experience between them, and a barbershop that has been going for over 110 years. Sometimes it’s good to listen to our elders! Cover star Garry Jackson is a recognisable face thanks to his modelling career, but as the Lifetime Achievement award he just picked up at BarberCut shows, he’s a highly regarded barber as well. Rob Rix has seen it all in his years and it’s fascinating to hear him talk about how the industry has changed over the last 56 years, and, more importantly, how it has stayed the same. Don’t let him hear you talk about a barbering boom, for him it’s more than that, the industry has become something entirely different. Phil Jarman is a powerhouse in the industry. As a fellow of the MHFed and a member of the City & Guilds Barbering Industry Board, he’s at the forefront of moves to improve education something I’m sure we can all agree needs looked at.Taylor Taylor has survived two World Wars and is thriving more than ever. One of their staff just won the American Crew All-Star Challenge and they are a shining light in how a family business should be run.

Away from our Golden Generation section, there’s still mountains of more current content. The International Barber Awards Qualifiers, an Outlaw Barber Collective and American Crew education day, a Nike and Porters secret barbershop for the athletics world championship, and the Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards are just some of the events we’ve visited over the past couple of months. So whether you’re here to learn from the masters or to see what your peers are up to, we like to think there’s plenty to keep you occupied over the next 100 or so pages. Remember if you want to get your own work in the next issue then shoot me an email at Whether it’s a Showcase collection or just a story you think we need to cover, we love to hear from you.

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Simon Ritchie – Editor-in-chief
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