BNV14 CoverWe’ve always been a champion of Great British talent here at BarberNV so it was fantastic to support three barbers from the UK at the International Barber Awards in Germany.

It was the first year of this truly global event and we hope to see even more British barbers entering it next year. There’s few things like it in the barbering world and it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet other barbers from so many different countries – we made many new friends and we look forward to telling some of their stories in future editions of the magazine. Naturally we decided to focus on Germany in this issue. Their barbering scene is in its infancy but with events like the International Barber Awards taking root there, we’re sure it won’t be long before we see the first superstar barber from the country. Our old friend the Nomad Barber even has a shop in Berlin now and it was great to catch up with him about his latest travels and discuss the German scene. Not every country has had the same barbering boom as the UK has had in the past few years, but in most you can see it coming. The rise of social media means barbers are going mainstream and it’s now commonplace for big companies to snap up certain influencers to help flog their products. It can be a lucrative role so we spoke with a few of them about how they got into their enviable positions. There was also a big competition win closer to home, with Kilian Maddison becoming the HJ Men’s Barber of the Year with victory at Salon International. He’s a young barber with a bright future, having already been given the responsibility of running Danny & Co’s Uppermill store. Who knows, maybe we’ll see him challenging in Germany next year? We have a bit of a break from

competition season over Christmas but with the festive season rush there won’t be much time to recharge so hopefully you all make the most of it and make a lot money! As we’re all aware, there’s usually a bit of a lull in January so if you are forced to work all Christmas, hopefully you get to spend some time with your family and friends in the New Year. Until then, enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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Simon Ritchie – Editor-in-chief
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