Business education and social media consultant Emil McMahon is celebrating.  

This year will see Emil enter his fifth year as an independent consultant, offer a range of bespoke education he says is, “different from the norm.” 

His new website [] will launch mid-June with an easier navigational route for salons and product companies to discover what training is available. 

The popular review and blog elements of his current site [] will be streamlined, but remain an integral part of the platform—as this is one of the site’s most popular features. 

Alongside this, Emil will be launching a new book.  

Four years in the making, Don’t Sell looks at the impact of online shopping, and how salons and suppliers can from the likes of Amazon.  

Using their methodology to creating a more dynamic and engaging experience within salons.  

The book will be made available with eight training decks, which salons and sales teams can use for in-house sessions to keep up-to-date with all elements of salon life in the digital age.