Creating the perfect ambience within your salon or work space is guaranteed to keep business thriving. As a salon owner it is essential that you create a relaxing and comfortable space for your clients to ensure they continue to use your services. Finding the right salon equipment that will retain its quality and comfort is an important investment decision for every salon owner. Of course you want furniture that is stylish and elegant, but it also needs to withstand the test of time in both form and function. We spoke to world leading innovator of salon equipment, Takara Belmont to get their latest on salon interior and design.


For the ultimate sensory experience, Takara Belmont’s Territory Sales Manager, Katie Wrighton recommends considering colours, textures and aesthetics that evoke moods, atmospheres and emotions to maximise the most of your salon environment. When creating a relaxed atmosphere for your clients, it not only brings out the best in your teams creative capabilities during services, but it also helps to maximise your salon footprint by creating an inviting atmosphere for potential new clients. When considering your salon equipment, Katie recommends Takara Belmont’s Zen Series, designed for optimum client comfort and relaxation. Inspired by the Japanese art of Zen through its fine detailing and affect on the emotions, Zen presents a series of consciously minimalist furniture for the appreciating eye. Featuring two salon chair designs with corresponding waiting chairs, a contemporary mirror unit in three versions, and a coordinated trolley and styling stool, Zen is impeccably balanced and astoundingly calming, the ideal paradox to a frantic world. With a variety of upholstery options, in earthy tones and textures, Takara Belmont offers customisable services to ensure the Zen Series suits any salon interior.


In order to ensure optimum client satisfaction and comfort, Katie says, ‘It is important to maximise the most of your salon space.’ Katie recommends considering music and lighting to assist in sectioning your salon areas, and using clever concealed storage for a minimalist salon floor. For space limited salons, ensure you adhere to a light colour scheme to bring your small space to life, taking advantage of mirrors to help reflect light and make your space appear bigger. Simple and compact, Zen’s standalone or wall-mounted mirrors bring a sleek and contemporary style to salon interiors. Available in 3 customisable options, Zen offers ultimate enlightenment.

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