Edinburgh barbers offer free haircuts for job seekers who lost work


Stag Barber Co. in Edinburgh is offering free haircuts to people who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic in a bid to help people look their best for interviews.

The Edinburgh based barbers are planning and preparing for re-opening on July 15.

In a Facebook post, Stag Barber Co. announced their plans for free haircuts to job seekers or those in financial difficulty stating: “Something that kind of sits uncomfortably about all this is that we are increasingly aware that some folk have unfortunately lost their jobs during this shaky time. As the govts full furlough plan changes and eventually ends, we may see more of this.⠀

“So – if you’ve lost your job and need a haircut because you have an interview for a new one please Facebook message or email us. Or if your financial circumstances have changed and you’d like a haircut because it’ll help you feel good at a time that you’re feeling kind of low – please just Facebook message or email us. ⠀

We will sort you out, free of charge.”

We’ve been busily preparing for our re-opening date of 15th of July. ⠀⠀There’s a lot of wee changes going in place -…

Publiée par Stag Barber Co. sur Mardi 7 juillet 2020

In April Stag Barber Co. announced as well that they were launching virtual haircuts as a way to help people undertaking their own DIY haircuts. Interested customers bought a tool kit from the barbershop where owner Murray McRae guided them through the haircut over Zoom and Facetime.

Murray also launched a challenge called ‘KUTZ 4 KEYWORKERS’ where for every DIY home hair cut, they would donate one to a key worker throughout the pandemic.

Stag Barber Co. is one of the few hairdressers that charge based on the length of hair, and not gender-based.

Due to the increase in costs for PPE, cleaning supplies and equipment, the shop has announced too there is a rise in the price. The full price list is available on their online booking system, to book an appointment with Stag Barber Co. click here.