The GQ Men Of The Year Awards, in association with Hugo Boss, has just celebrated its 20th year and Fudge Professional were on hand to ensure even the models were red-carpet ready on the night, upholding the style and class synonymous with the magazine’s annual highlight.

Led by Fudge collaborator Lisa Farrall, the team comprised of stylists Kat Hand, April Richards, Ami Giwa, Suhyun Kang, Chloe Eccleston and Carli Frank who worked against the clock to get the guys ready for the big night. Wearing slick Hugo Boss suits with bow ties the style called for an uber glossy, super slick, expensive looking hair paired with sharp partings to mirror the sharp suits.

Said Lisa Farrall “Each boy had their own look and style, from skin heads to curly locks, dreads to fades. I wanted to maintain everyone’s individuality whilst still making them look like superstars. This called for all boys to be totally groomed and sexy, but each with individual swag… if that isn’t an inspiration then I don’t know what is! Using Fudge Professional, I was able to achieve a trend-setting style for all.”

The event commemorated the occasion with over 400 men from the best of film, music, sport, TV, books, politics and more: from Simon Pegg and Amy Schumer to Elton John and Aiden Turner; from Chris Pine to Michael Caine and Nile Rodgers to Patrick Stewart.

Keep reading to find out which styling staples from the Fudge Professional product arsenal were used to create the looks…

Lisa’s GQ Man of the Year kitbag staples…

Fudge Professional Hair Gum


Fudge Professional’s Hair Gum RRP £11.95 great for all hair types, but a godsend when taming longer, thicker, unruly hair that needs to stay out all night. Starting from the nape of the neck, Lisa sectioned the hair horizontally and worked this product in section by section – styling with a wide tooth comb and finishing with her fingers.


Fudge Professional Hair Shaper_email


Fudge Professional Hair Shaper RRP £12.95 is perfect for those with shorter hair. Lisa  used this to create texture, movement and life to styles.


FUDGE Professional Light Hed-ed Hair Oil


Fudge Professional Light Hed-ed Hair Oil RRP £13.45 was Lisa’s hero product when it came to skin heads and afro boys. She added moisture into the hair by spritzing all over, then brushed hair forward with a soft bristle brush.




Picture 13892

Fudge Professional Head Shine RRP £10.95 was used on all of the boys to give a light glossy finish and reflect the dazzling lights of the red carpet for high octane glamour.




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