A lot of beauty professionals will agree that quality lighting is the entire royal court of their work—this means it’s worth putting serious money into.  

This is especially true with makeup artists as lighting is as key to the final look as your skills. The wrong lighting will cause your look to be blotted out by shadow and colours will lose their real pop. The right lighting will drastically improve your application skill set.  

We have gone over what to look out for when choosing the best lighting to suit you and your business. 


You can’t compete with clear, natural lighting, as it’s the perfect complement to your makeup application skills. But what do you do in absence of this? In steps the Aura ring light by The Daylight CompanyWhich offers an even distribution of light to fully enhance your shades and coverage. 

The right lighting means you’re able to give your clients/models the perfect look without worrying about intrusive shadows. As step-by-steps often involve a full spectrum of shades and foundation tones, the right lighting will show off exactly what you’re using.  

Getting the best lighting may be difficult depending on what space you have to work with, as not enough will cast a shadow over the true beauty of your work.   


Makeup artists are masters of so many skills. Turning their hands to artistry, photography, graphic design and obviously, they are social savvy queens. The Aura is the perfect accoutrement to all of these talents.  

Fully illuminating the face to properly see skin tones, hues and small details. While taking photos of your finished looks, the Aura creates a youthful halo around the eyes, making your work pop.  

The LED halo evenly distribute light to enhance your images, eliminating shadows and bringing out the beautiful features of your client/model.  

There’s a lot of different ring lights on the market, but there’s none with quite as much versatility as The Daylight Company’s Aura Ring Light. 


Aura LED Ring light by The Daylight Company
Aura LED Ring Light by The Daylight Company

After assessing your working area, the Aura lamp by The Daylight Company with its LED light and dimming function, allows you to take full control the intensity of the light to perfectly match your shooting environment and the skin tones of your clients/models. This ensures you achieve a flawless look every time.  

Alongside this, the lamp’s easy to assemble light-weight frame, and comfortable carry-bag makes the Aura a must for any makeup artist going from location to location. It can be used during studio or salon work, no matter what location you’re on and the Aura’s flexibility means you can tackle looks from any angle. 

Understanding that in an industry where social media rules, the Aura comes equipped with an incredible social media-friendly phone holder—specifically designed for vloggers and YouTubers.   

The Aura makes sure your latest makeup masterpieces or video step-by-steps show off your full skill.  

Aura LED Ring Light and Carry Case by The Daylight Company
Tia Jade, Makeup Artist (@beautyby_tjm)

“Using the correct lighting in the beauty industry is one of the most important things. Especially as a makeup artist, we are in charge of people’s faces and they trust us to enhance their natural beauty.

“The Aura Ring Lamp is a game-changer—I will never be using anything different again. I couldn’t believe how light and easy it was to carry around and put together, it was so simple and took less than five minutes. It’s perfect for when I travel for bridal makeup or group parties, as sometimes the lighting is terrible and it’s very difficult to work with. Also, there is a brilliant phone holder that charges your phone so you can record yourself doing treatments using the best lighting while charging your phone. Being able to adjust the lighting is so important, as the weather changes every 10 minutes and being able to adjust it easily and quickly is important. After using the Aura light, I was so shocked looking at the pictures, as they have never looked so true to colour and clear. I took five pictures when I usually take around 20 to get the best lighting. This light is an absolute must-have for anyone in the beauty industry.” — Tia Jade, Makeup Artist

MUA: Tia Jade

Model: Genevieve

Location: The Odyssey Spa, Knebworth

For more information on the Aura and The Daylight Company head over to daylightcompany.com