Maria Nila’s revolutionary two-step bleaching treatment


Sit back, relax and rely on your hairdressers’ expertise within chemical treatments while they bleach your hair. Bring your new hair and a complimentary gift home – violet pigment finishing treatment, Silver Shot.

Maria Nila is strong in the vegan beauty segment targeting consumers through the professionals. Their goal is to build a strong professional vegan portfolio that connects the professionals with the end consumers. Consumers today have little knowledge about the effects of bleaching treatments, which leads to a large share of the bleaching treatments being done at home. A consequence of this is bad and sometimes harmful results. A chemical treatment such as bleaching requires extensive knowledge and experience to guarantee a good result and ensure as little damage to the hair as possible.

STEP N°1 – In Salon Treatment

SILVER BLEACH – A professional bleach treatment with added violet pigments for a colder result.

BALAYAGE BLEACH – A professional bleach treatment developed for balayage and free-hand techniques.

STEP N°2 – Home Treatment

SILVER SHOT – We care about your hair and know that bleach is one of the harshest treatments one can do. Therefore, we have developed a finishing treatment for the customer to bring home – for free! Our Silver Shot will lower the pH level in the hair and close the cuticles that were opened during the bleaching process. It has also been boosted with violet pigments to neutralize any unwanted yellow tones. 

Maria Nila is 100% VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE with Climate Compensated Packaging.

Maria Nila wants to help both the salons and consumers by educating consumers about the importance of visiting professionals when doing such a treatment. In this way, consumers will move away from their home bleach and will also see a higher value of the service provided in the salon. Maria Nila Bleach will be offered exclusively through professional salons.

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