When this magazine is in your hands it won’t be long till the biggest night in the Scottish hair and beauty calendar… The Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards #SHABA2018

In this edition of SalonNV, we’ll take a look at all everything you can expect from SHABA on the night including; the after party, entertainment, special guests and much more.

With this edition being our pre-emptive Halloween issue, we’ve got an incredible cover mount by an interview with Paul Mac, who will be best known for his outstanding avant-garde work. As well as a spooky Halloween party playlist selected by the SalonNV team, packed with everything you’ll need to get the party mood right.

We’re also exploring the world of plex technology as well as, all the news, features and columns you’ve come to expect from us.

Starting  this  issue  we’re  introducing  our  newest  feature,  the  sponsored  by  e-Chair  QnA,  where  we’ll  ask  the  best  in  the  industry  the  questions  you’ve  always  wanted  answers  to.




Joanne Reid  |  Editor-in-chief

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