The #BarberTalk Mission

Through our training we aim to arm barbers with the knowledge of how to do all spot suffering with mental health and be the support that person needs

After a lot of work with help from Psychiatrists and mental health professionals, the development of BarberTalk Live and Lite have had a complete review and created a new and improved online video format as well as half day facilitation that combines mental health training with barbering demos.
The idea is not to make barbers into counsellors or psychiatrists but with the aid of our four pillars of BarberTalk,ย RECOGNISE, ASK, LISTENย andย HELPย we can bridge the gap between the communities we serve and the resources that are available while providing a safe non-judgemental safe space to share, open up and or offload.

If you were to attend they would be given some great skills to help you as barbers/hair pro in general, but more importantly, can save lives.

Find out more by visiting the #BarberTalk page on The Lions Barber Collective’s website.

The Lions Barber Collective is an international collection of top barbers which have come together to help raise awareness for the prevention of suicide.