Starting from BarberNV issue 28 (to be released April 2020), he will begin writing a column to offer his advice and experience to the UK’s barbering community. Here’s a snippet of his first column, where he talks about his appearance on the Pro Barbering stage:

“I was asked back in November if I would present at ProHair Live in Manchester, on the Pro Barbering Stage, powered by Wahl. I duly accepted and when I found out which other professionals would be sharing their knowledge, I couldn’t wait.

I was given the opening spot on both days. This can be difficult because a lot of people are flying around, buying all the must-have products before they run out. I knew I’d have to put on a good show to hold the audience.

My first step was to find models. I like to use professional models – ideally someone I have worked with before – as this is an expensive and very important part of the show. The guys at Maverick Models in Manchester were happy to oblige, sending over images of different guys with longer hair, which was the focus of the show.

With the boys booked, it was on to preparing everything else: music, images, the clothes and styling.

The theme of my presentation was The Secret Of the Three Cs: Consultation, Cutting and Collections. I wanted to give real value to the people who took the time to watch — something they could take back to their salons or barbershops and implement the next day. The presentation included a demonstration of my consultation process, some unique cutting techniques and tips on creating a collection of images to adorn barbershop walls.

Next, I had to prepare the content and images for the slide show. One of the most difficult jobs was choosing the music. I would need music for my entrance and, more importantly, for the models to walk or pose to. I think this really makes the show complete.

These tasks take longer than you might think, especially creating content for the screen. I wanted each element to enhance the presentation, not overpower it. I can sometimes have too much to say in too little time. It required some savage editing to express the key points.

After some discussion with the models, the outfits pretty much took care of themselves. The boys sent a few images of their ideas and we shortlisted outfits to try on the day. We also needed the all-important ‘old boiler suit’ to conceal the outfits until the big reveal.

With everything in place, accommodation and travel booked, it was the calm before the storm. I headed down to Manchester on the Saturday afternoon, to be well rested and ready for the show. I like to get to on-site early to make sure that all the passes are in order and to check details with the sound and lighting guys.

I was glad I did this because it came to light that there was no power on the stage. The problem was quickly solved but it pays to be prepared.”

Read the rest of Tony’s column online on Gallus Media’s Issuu.