The global barbering scene has witnessed seismic growth over the last decade. In a new running feature, BarberNV will travel the barbering world to talk with the most talented barbers pushing the industry forward.

Barbershop owner, Ryan Reed spent time cutting in Notting Hill’s Carter and Bond at Woodhouse, and after connecting with so many diverse and inspirational figures developed a vision that would see him elevate the standard of the Brisbane barbering scene. 

Tucked away in the back streets of Brisbane’s vibrant Fortitude Valley, RYAN.CO first opened its doors in June 2017. More than just the idyll modern barbers, Ryan looks to foster a hotbed of talent and preserve a thriving barbering scene.  

I wanted to create a space and environment that made every client feel like they had discovered a hidden barbershop made exclusively for them,” he tells BarberNV. “This is the kind of barbershop that’s mainly found through word of mouth or a referral from a friend in the ever growing RYAN.CO community.” 

The RYAN.CO community isn’t a loose concept for the Aussie barber. After spending over a decade in the industry, Ryan is passionate about creating a platform that offers barbers the opportunity for career progression and financial stability.  

“Notoriously the barbering and hairdressing world loses far too many talented young people to other industries that have more lucrative opportunities and have been made to feel they should get a ‘real profession’.  

“As I expand, I plan to continue developing what I hope will one day be an industry changing business model, that can keep more of these ambitious and talented people in our industry.” 

Ryan fell into the industry in 2006 where he began his apprenticeship at a unisex salon. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Ryan’s family visited Paula, the owner of a salon who would cut their hair.  

“After hearing me whinge about my job at McDonald’s, she must have felt sorry for me, because she offered me a trial as a ‘tea and tidy’. I straight away warmed to the social vibe and creative environment in the salon. It took me a little while to take the plunge and start my hairdressing apprenticeship.” 

More than a decade on, Ryan’s approach to barbering is, as he describes, ‘pretty simple’. He is consistent, offers change and challenges his clients to be bold their looks, an attitude that has won him a loyal, fun and respectful clientele. 

“I’m a proud barber. It has given me so much, I’ve met so many amazing people, clients and colleagues. Making people feel good is pretty rad, and never gets old. 

Clearly a subscriber to the idiom ‘variety is the spice of life’, Ryan loves to mix things up, but coming from a hairdressing background has let him to experiment and form his signature through multiple products and techniques.  

“I’m a big fan of making sure my clients have all the products they need and know how to recreate the look at home.” 

Building local and global communities is important in barbering and this is as true down under as it is in Europe and North America. The Brisbane based barber gave us his views on the relationships he has formed with his kinsman.  

“The Australian barber scene like everywhere is going off! We recently attended the inaugural year of the Australian Barber Expo and it was awesome to connect with our industry peeps. We want to be at the top of our game and there are some quality standards to help us in keeping it real.” 

But more than anything, Ryan is concerned with creativity being in the foreground of our great industry, and how this will lift up everyone. For Ryan investing your time and love into the craft is the key to success in barbering.  

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