Andis Launches Special Edition Clippers ‘Andis Nation’


Andis® Company has launched a striking ‘Andis Nation’ special edition Cordless usPRO Fade Li clipper as a shout out to it’s dedicated and growing fan base. Featuring a bold full-colour design emblazoned with ‘Andis Nation’ graphics, that continues to attract legions of loyal fans across social media, this most popular of Andis clippers is sure to be a hit in barbering community.

“As the name of our ambassador program, Andis Nation started as an Instagram campaign. It’s taken on a life of its own to become the collective name for barbers and stylists around the world who rely on our professional tools,” says Senior Manager of Corporate Communications for Andis, Bruce Bock. “We look forward to growing our relationship with passionate professionals and are pleased to share this fresh take on one of our best-selling and most popular clippers.”

The Cordless usPRO Fade Li clipper is a favourite among barbers and stylists for executing tapers and fades due to its lightweight, sub 10 oz. design and powerful rotary motor. Its lithium-ion battery delivers up to two hours of uninterrupted performance and it can also be run with the cord. The high-speed carbon steel blade adjusts from a skin close size 00000 to size 000 and can be zero-gapped for extra-close cutting.

The Cordless usPRO Fade Li Andis Nation clipper kit includes nine attachment combs and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

PRICE: £93.00

Find more information on and call Andis Styling on 01635 279 824