Wanna go hairclubbing?


Blade Hairclub

It’s the new hair sensation taking Soho by storm. You take one part hair salon, one part alcohol and you mix it together to create a cocktail of barbering perfection.

For clients who don’t usually enjoy the experience of getting their haircut, it’s the ideal way of turning a necessary act into a special one.

Customers don’t need to reach for one of the perfectly curated cocktails if they don’t want to, there’s always Netflix for the less alcohol inclined. However, if you are a member of their exclusive Blade Hairclub, you’ll have anytime access to their exclusive bar, regardless of whether you’re getting your haircut or not. The whole concept is the brainchild of Stroo and Julia Olofsson, so we caught up with Stroo to ask him about their project.

Tell us about the start of Blade Hairclub?

It was an overnight success – five years in the making. It was a journey of organic discovery as well as actively trying to figure out how we want to go about this thing we call – hairclubbing.

Can you describe the typical customer at Blade?

Oh my – one word: Soho. We see a range from kids to senior citizens, from major public figures and celebs to Soho commuters or the LGBTQ community. Name a demographic – we’ve done their hair!

What hair styles and trends have you been seeing most often recently?

Bleeding colours seem to be on fire lately, but the appetite for perfect fades and sharp boys’ cuts never wanes in Soho! You have special events like Valentine’s Chocolate Hairclubbing, how do these events work? Let’s just say we’ll use any excuse to socialise,

indulge and imbibe WHILE making people’s hair look good!

Your Blade Hairclub membership is a unique selling point for the salon, how has that been received and how does it benefit the salon?

Surprisingly well – we now have quite a long waiting list! It is a way to ‘cement’ the community we’ve built over time. Our members are the people who really get and enjoy what we’re trying to do with the hairdressing culture.

Can you tell us about the team you’ve built at Blade?

The Blade Team is much like a miniature sample of the famed London diversity. We’re a very intense environment so we’ve already had a couple of ‘generations’ of stylists who went through the Blade roller coaster and decided to settle down and build families in less intense environments. It is ever-changing, but always handpicked to match the personality, passion, and the skills with our unique approach to the hairdressing culture. The bar seems to be as important a part ofthe Blade experience as the hair side, how does it fit

in with the whole concept?

Not only that it fits – it’s an integral element. Imagine a great house party – where does it always end up? In the kitchen! Same thing. What does the future hold for Blade, any

plans to open another shop?

*secretive smile* You never know!