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Knowledge is power…

There’s a lot that can, and has been, said about the death of the high street. We’ve heard it from so many different media outlets, mates and business owners. But, in spite of this, barbering is still on the up and up and this is cause for celebration. With so much British talent how can we not look at this positively, but it doesn’t come without its pitfalls. We spoke to Dan Davies, the general manager of Pall Mall Barbers, about his thoughts on barbering’s continued growth and what this actually means for the industry. 

Elsewhere with the rise of sustainable fashion and grooming products BarberNV wanted to celebrate the barbershops doing their bit to help push the movement forward and save the environment one customer and one product at a time. BarberSociety Live’s fourth instalment was unquestionably their biggest and best. The Dutch event once again blew attendees, including BarberNV, away. The colossal celebration of barbering, bringing together barbers, educators, traders and 35 brands from across the world for a weekend of shows and seminars.    

We also spoke to Gavin Mills, director of Bad Apple Hair and Steve Rowbottom of Westrow, on how you can retail your products more effectively. You can be learned from onstage education and barbering seminars. This month we spoke to brand owner, and men’s grooming expert Matty Conrad, to get his thoughts on why seminars and education days are so important for emerging talent, the realities of educators in the industry and why their position is so valuable—as long as you have something worth teaching.   

It’s been a long time in the making, but Tom Chapman and the Lions Barber Collective have launched their BarberTalk Live events to incredible responses. The Lions shared their personal stories and taught 40 barbers about suicide prevention. It cannot be understated how important this is, not only to barbering as an industry, but to society. Barbers have the power to help and talk to people, they might be going through the hardest periods of their lives and you might be able to stop them from taking permanent action.  

You can also expect all the features, news and products that BarberNV has become known for.  

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Matthew McLaughlin – Editor

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