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How much do you trust your barber?

We’re looking forward to seeing Shakar Bakani of MOJO Barbers Rugby in Rugby at this weekend’s Scottish Barber show at the Scottish Hair & Beauty Show where he’ll be performing a blind wet shave! 🙈🙈

Taking place at 4pm on the British Barbers Association stage on Sunday, 24th April, it’s expected to be one of the main attractions for this year’s event at Edinburgh’s RHC.

Shakar, who was a finalist for the past two years running in industry-renowned wet shaving competition Britain’s Best Shave said he was excited to show the audience what he was made of.

“It sounds dangerous, but a good barber is so well rehearsed when it comes to performing a wet shave that we can do it with our eyes closed. It’s the first time that I’ve taken on such a challenge, but I’m confident that I can still achieve perfect results in spite of being blindfolded from start to finish.”

We’re sure Shakar will do a great job… but our barber can keep his eyes open for now!