“Think Peter Tosh meets Bruce Lee meets David Bowie,” is a sentence we never thought we’d hear when it comes to men’s hairstyles.

But that’s exactly what the inspiration was behind the looks created by Johnnie Sapong for Oliver Spencer’s Spring / Summer 2020 show at Men’s London Fashion Week.

The internationally-acclaimed groomer and hairstylist was lead stylist among The Wall Group for Electric London professional hair products at this year’s runway show.

Slicked back looks inspired by Wong Kar- wai’s In The Mood For Love, the style pays homage to the vibrant atmosphere of Hong Kong’s famous markets.

“The hair is groomed with a slick elegance reminiscent of the classic film,” Sapong explains. “It’s all about that 60s elegance within film and cinematography.”

To achieve the pristine looks, he first applied a generous amount of Electric P*-4 Preparation Spray directly onto the models’ hair before working the product from roots to ends.

His second step was to apply a cocktail mix of Electric ºC – 4 Shaping Paste and Electric °C-1 English Rose Serum; using a colour brush, layering throughout the hair until completely wet look for a glossy, slick finish.

The creative stylist then laced a hair net over locks before diffusing dry on a low slow speed to ensure hair is set with no frizz and then setting with super hold hairspray.

For his looks at the A Cold Wall show, Sapong was influenced by four different earthy materials and elements; Clay, Glass, Lead and Water; all deconstructed styles with added texture.

The hairstyles were a sharp contrast to the utility style, sports-luxe aesthetic showcased by ‘sweat-drenched’ models who had water spritzed on their faces as part of the look.

It seems Sapong most certainly adapted what was useful, rejected what was useless, and added what was specifically his own for these unique hair creations.