Charity relief fund to help many in need

The official industry charity—Hair & Beauty Charity, has launched a relief fund to raise much–needed funds during the coronavirus crisis.


With thousands of hair, beauty and barber salons now closed and industry professionals unable to work, there has been a tremendous increase in requests for help from the charity during this time.

The charity is working tirelessly to help those who need it most through these unprecedented times. But as they are expecting a major loss of income with several of their fundraising activities and events being cancelled, an emergency relief fund has been set up to emphasise the importance of the charity’s work. The charity is aiming to raise at least £20,000 to support those facing sudden hardship.

The Hair & Beauty Charity was established to support hair and beauty professionals who have been affected by illness, disability, bereavement or financial hardship. With over 300 applicants requesting help each year even without the onset of the current crisis, the charity depends on the generous support of the industry to give help to those who need it most, especially in times like this.

Hair & Beauty Charity president Samantha Grocutt says, “We are in unprecedented times and the hair, beauty and barbering community is suffering tremendously.

“Although the government has now announced support for businesses and self-employed, there is still a big section of our industry who may not be able to get government support, so will seek help from the industry charity. We really need everyone to get behind this campaign, share the message and donate what they can—even a pound will make a difference to someone during this unique predicament. We’re in this together and I hope people can support the charity during this time.”

Please give what you can today and together we can get through this difficult time. To donate, please visit