Dálery Vivanco


Dálery Vivanco is a Mexican barber and owner of Hell’s Razor in San Pedro Garza García.

Barbering since 2012, Dálery truly began her journey when she was young. Being fascinated by hair as a child she started by playing with the hair on her dolls, growing over time to convincing her brother and friends to let her cut their hair.

“I started studying when I was 12-years-old and through the years and attending many courses around Mexico I realised my passion was in men’s haircuts. I decided to focus on barbering and I am fully in love with and committed to it. There’s no doubt in my mind that following my instincts and finding a place where I can have fun every day; it’s the best thing I could have done.

“I have been working in barber shops for seven years, and after many years of hard work I was able to accomplish my dream of opening my own shop Hell’s Razor. I feel very proud of our team because we’re united in our shared love for barbering, we are committed to giving the best experience.”

Now, Dálery is fully committed to her barbering school—Hell’s Old School—passing on her wealth of knowledge to the next generation of prospective barbers. Dálery describes her style as being forward-thinking while remaining steeped in traditional barbering—striking a perfect balance between the industry’s past and present.

“I really like natural haircuts; my scissors are my best ally in creating form and texture. Beards are my favourite challenge, I love creating the perfect style for the morphology [sic] of the customer… and doing a classic shaving ritual where my client feels completely relaxed—because this relaxes me.”

Despite her success in the industry, Dálery does admit to challenges as a female barber, while being positive about industry progress since she first began.

“There have been many challenges. The industry is mostly run by men, but lately, this has been changing step by step and I’d like to think in Mexico I have been a factor in more females finding a passion for this profession.”