EpiBrow Introduces Suga Sista


EpiBrow, the UK’s no.1 eyebrow training academy has created a new duo of products, SUGA SISTA, Your Loss for brows and SUGA SISTA bikini sugar paste. The luxurious vanilla and lemon mixture is applied like strip wax, with one major game-changing factor in that it causes absolutely no redness or downtime making the product ideal for fast-paced lifestyles.

Following the lead from HELLOHENNABROWS, SUGA SISTA is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and has been exclusively developed for EpiBrow, featuring all-natural ingredients.

EpiBrow’s revolutionary approach to beauty has transformed perceptions of the industry, creating a more edgy, ethical product range which has been snapped up by therapists all over the globe since its launch earlier this year, including US celebrity eyebrow artist Elke Von Freudenberg who will be shaping things up HELLOHENNABROWS style during New York Fashion Week in September.

Louise Bannigan, EpiBrow’s founder who has just returned from Dubai where HELLOHHENNABROWS, said: “The launch of this product at our video shoot yesterday was off the wall, with such an amazing response from everyone. We’re just about to launch HELLO LASHES, a revolutionary lash treatment to blow all others out the water.”