Fallon Carberry and Sam Hendry collaborate on a glam Valentine’s Day shoot


In Glasgow’s Shawlands area, SalonNV went to visit the collaborative shoot between our columnist and expert stylist Fallon Carberry and makeup artist, Sam Hendry. The downstairs room in #BLOW is perfectly set up for hair and fashion shoots.    

When we arrived, Sam was in the midst of applying makeup. Fallon told us about the shoot, the concept was the perfect Valentine’s glam. The hair, formed into a stunning blonde bow, with Sam creating heart-shaped, glowing false freckles—tying the entire look together.  

SNV: How did you come up with the concepts for the hair and makeup for the shoot?  

FC: The main concept of the shoot was for it to be fun, flirty, and girly—everything that Valentine’s Day and Blow represents!  

SNV: How was the collaboration process? Can you tell us about your working relationship?   

FC: For me, I’ve admired Sam’s work from afar for a while now, but this was our first chance to collaborate and share our ideas and visions. I love people that inspire me, and Sam certainly does that! It was great to work with someone who shares my work ethic and the vision I had for this shoot.  

SNV: How important to your vision is the backdrop for the shoot?  

FC: The backdrop had to soft and feminine, but the main idea was to let the hair and makeup take centre stage. That’s what we’re all about after all!  

SNV: How important is the fashion?  

FC: In this case, fashion was not important for us. It was specifically paired back and understated to compliment the vision we wanted to come through in the hair and makeup looks.   

SNV: What are your top three tips on taking a good photo to showcase on social media?  

FC: Firstly, you need good lighting. Secondly, make sure the hair is nice and polished—no flyaway hairs. Thirdly, don’t be afraid to use a filter to brighten, shadow, add contrast—anything that will add to the overall effect you’re looking to achieve. My favourite app right now is This Visco Camera for a vintage feel and Afterlight for brightening up your image.  

SH: Totally agree, good lighting is key. I would say the camera is so important as you want to capture the true quality of your work. The perfect model—for makeup, there is a specific eye-shape we usually aim to work with if we are going for a certain look.  

SNV: Why do you think it’s important for hairdressers and MUAs to do photo shoots?  

FC: To showcase their work, keep up with the ever-changing trends and to keep your audience engaged with fresh material.   

SH: Doing a photo shoot can be amazing for building your portfolio and can lead to published work. This is so beneficial for the careers of both MUAs and hairdressers. 

SNV: How important is the collaboration in the hair and beauty industry?   

FC: It’s good to hook up with other artists who can keep you informed of the current styles in their industry, and vice versa. Equally, being present on multiple social media platforms, I feel, is key to the success of any and all businesses these days.   

SH: Yes, it really brings the full look together. They can complement each other for the best look for a shot. Without one another the look has a tendency to seem incomplete. 

SNV: What advice would you give to young hairdressers and MUAs looking to start doing these types of photo shoots?  

FC: Approach people who you admire and ask to shadow their shoots. Don’t be afraid to speak up and add helpful ideas if you have them. In my experience, good hairdressers and MUAs welcome the ideas of new creative artists—I certainly do.   

SH: Come prepared! Have exactly what you need with your full kit. Be clean, sanitary, and organised. Stay professional and work as a team—know the brief.   

SNV: Who are your idols and inspirations in and outside of the industry?  

FC: Jen Aitken and Chris Appleton, they’re ahead of the styling game and do all the IT girls. It’s a goal of mine to be at the top of my game, like them.   

SH: My idols in makeup—I have so many—too many to name. A few top favourites are Jeffree Star, Pat McGrath, and Paige Louise (Plouise Academy). 

SNV: What products have you used for the shoot?  

FC: I love TIGI’s new range Copyright, which is exclusive to salons only, and it’s unbelievable!  

SH: @plouise_makeup_academy red base (hearts), @crownbrushuk brushes and colour temptation palette, @stilacosmetics liquid lipstick Beso, @primalash_lashes vain lash, MAC Studio Fix Fluid, and Topshop Highlighter Mother of Pearl. 

SNV: What are your hero products?  

FC: My hero product is TIGI Copyright Volume Spray—Go Big or Go Home!   

SH: Highlighter always! Good quality, fluffy lashes, and nude lipstick.