guyThe Hair Council are pleased to introduce their new CEO/Registrar Keith Conniford. Keith has worked in the Hair and Beauty industry all of his life. He has an  exceptional knowledge of all aspects of the industry, from salons/spa’s, retailing, franchising to training and education and e commerce/online sales. He operated a Government sponsored Training contract for 23 years as a lead/prime contractor and has been involved in training apprentices and adults throughout his career.

In addition, he understands the necessity to ensure the highest quality of training and education whilst ensuring strong and decisive leadership and management. He is a trained and competent public speaker, has been involved for many years in management training and has managed people in all aspects of the industry. He has also sat on many ‘recognition’ panels including ‘Investors in People’ and ‘Action for Business Colleges’. He set up SCTP LTD (Sussex Council of Training Providers Limited) and was Chair for six years. In addition he helped set up and Chaired the Joint Board of FE Sussex (representing the counties Further Education Colleges) and SCTP Ltd. He has a very keen eye for detail and has a strong HR background. He also judged the National Apprenticeship Awards (South East Region) for three consecutive years.

He has always been a strong advocate of the industry gaining ‘mandatory registration’ and is totally committed to  do all that he can to ensure the hairdressing industry finally gets the professional status and recognition it needs and deserves.

The Hair Council would like to thank former CEO/Registrar Sally Styles, who was with the Hair Council for 27 years,  for her hard work and commitment into pushing the campaign forward, and getting us as far as we are today. Sally believes that Keith has the passion and determination to achieve mandatory registration. Watch this space.