iSalon Head of Sales Braves the Shave to Raise Money for Charity


iSalon head of sales, Mike Waldon gracefully volunteered to brave the shave—and a little colour—to help iSalon raise even more money for The Pituitary Foundation.

On Friday, November 29, Mike had his hair cut and coloured by iSalon head of product and education, Rikki Tronson.

A social media campaign has been ongoing for the past week for people to select which crazy hairstyle they would like to see on Mike.

There were four different styles including the inverted Mohican and coloured devil horns against a completely shaved head.

The team headed to Town Hall to support Mike and cheer Rikki on whilst she created a masterpiece.

iSalon is known for its dedication to giving back, however, Mike has most definitely gone above and beyond on this occasion.

iSalon marketing manager, Alice Smithson commented, “I can’t believe Mike has volunteered himself for this.

“To be part of such a great team that are all dedicated to giving back and supporting The Pituitary Foundation in any way we can is inspiring, especially at this time of the year.”

Mike’s final look

Mike’s hair might be committed, but you can still donate here