Jacks of London founder and MD Sue Whitehead

For their first fundraising event with Prostate Cancer UK, Jacks of London is teaming up with Harley Davidson and grooming heroes American Crew.  

On July 18 the Jack’s Clapham Junction alongside unparalleled barber services, free beer and pizza, you will get the chance to hop on a shiny new Harley and walk away with some American Crew goodies.  

Guests will also be able to enter a prize draw to win a £500 Harley Davidson leather jacket, Acumen grooming products, Jacks of London vouchers and more. 

“It’s going to be a cracking night dedicated to all the best things our clients love,” said Sue Whitehead, founder and MD of Jacks of London, which is celebrating 25 years in business by pairing up with the PCUK charity. “There will be music, superb haircuts and, of course, the renowned and generous Jacks goodie bags.  

“I expect our guests will be more than a little distracted by the bikes Harley Davidson is bringing down for them to play on.” 

Every penny raised by donation for Jacks services is going to Prostate Cancer UK, which does an amazing job raising money and awareness of a traumatic disease that kills one man every 45 minutes, and claims the lives of more men than breast cancer does women. 

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Sue continues, “Prostate cancer is one of those hidden diseases that can become a killer before you even realise you have it, but thanks to the amazing work done by Prostate Cancer UK, more and more men are catching it in time and surviving and that includes one of our team.” 

Currently, prostate cancer is the most prevalent cancer in men, accounting for more than one in four new cancer cases in men.  

Around 129 are diagnosed with the disease every day, more than 47,000 each year.  

Prostate Cancer UK is helping fund vital research into better diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease, as well as providing support for affected men and their families. 

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The partnership of Jacks of London and Prostate Cancer UK aims to raise both awareness and wads of cash.  

All of the Jacks barbers, who see thousands of men in their chairs every week, have been trained to sensitively discuss the often unknown symptoms so their clients can recognise them and seek help before it is too late.  

On July 18 the team from Prostate Cancer will be at the Clapham event to chat. 

To book a slot go to jacksoflondonclapham.booksy.com