London, Oslo, Sofia, Madrid, Vilnius and Tirana are ready to announce their lucky few for 1o1BARBERS’ International Barber Awards in Nuremberg.


The qualification rounds of the International Barber Awards 2018 are in full swing. After hundreds of barbers applied worldwide, the preliminary decisions are due to be made at the various live competitions in London, Oslo, Sofia, Madrid, Vilnius and Tirana.

More qualifying rounds are due to take place in September across various cities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In front of a panel of 1o1BARBERS judges, participants will have the opportunity to qualify for the grand final in Nuremberg on October 21, 2018, where each individual national titles and the prestigious international crown will be at stake.

As well as the honour of being named as the victor, winners can expect prizes with a total value of over €10,000. A charming new event is also being staged on October 22, 2018, at the trade fair HAARE: the competition for the title Best Senior Barber. This competition is for barbers over the age of 50, where they can showcase their wealth of experience in the craft.

Over the last two years, the Barber Awards have developed into a major public and media magnet, for the who’s who of the European barber scene and inspires with trends coming up from barber shops. The International Barber Awards provide the unique opportunity to experience first-hand what is currently en vogue in male grooming across all age groups.

On October 21, 2018, the finalists will be at the International Barber Awards as part of the HAARE trade fair in Nuremberg. Whether you are an employee of a barber shop or a classic hairdressing salon, anyone who devotes all attention to their clientele and wants to show others they are the best in their field can and should participate.

Kevin Boon, the reigning champion of the last International Barber Awards 2017, will be in Nuremberg alongside other renowned international industry greats. “I’m looking forward to this year’s International Barber Awards, and of course I’m curious to see whom I hand the trophy to. You also meet the international barber scene and the atmosphere is just great,” Kevin Boon said. “I will never forget the moment when my name was called at the award ceremony.

“Of course, many doors have opened up for me, and I am very grateful for the support I’ve received from 1o1BARBERS. Today I am a member of the 1o1BARBERS Academy, which makes me really happy.”