Last week, Luke’s Barbershop officially threw open the doors of its Stanmore store, which includes a spa, to huge success.  

The turnout brought together barbers like @dialacut_barbers, friends and celebrities who enjoyed free trims and treatments into the early hours.   

Over the weekend, Luke’s extended the free trims and treatments to the public, with new customers travelling from around London just to see the new location.  

Luke’s Barbershop owner, Luke Dolan said, “Luke’s Barbershop Stanmore is a real jump into new uncharted waters for us.

“The brand is synonymous with giving the best award-winning bespoke cuts in a comfortable and cool environment, but now with the inclusion of a spa that offers what you’d call beauty treatments, but really are true grooming treatments for men away from the generic salon experience. 

“It really is “a whole new world” and yes I’m singing that Aladdin style! 

“We truly believe that men’s barber shops and grooming spas will be the next big thing on our high streets offering the ultimate safe space for men to treat and pamper themselves after hard weeks at work or in preparation for big weekends or rejuvenating themselves after the big weekends finished!”