Luxury Skincare Brand ÉLÉVATIONE Offers High End Treatments From Its Flagship London Spa


ÉLÉVATIONE™ is a leading international boutique experience brand, that was born from the idea that beauty goes beyond skin deep.

ÉLÉVATIONE™ believes beauty is a concept and a method of expression.

Beauty is art, art is beauty, and the ÉLÉVATIONE™ woman is a masterpiece.

The name ÉLÉVATIONE™ comes from the belief that every-day life is meant to be elevated.

With the luxurious touch of decadent skincare and cosmetic treatments, the ÉLÉVATIONE™ woman will feel better, look lovelier and exude the kind of confidence that can only come from knowing she’s lifted a little higher than the rest.

With its luxurious cosmetic treatments available in their flagship Mayfair Spa Boutique, ÉLÉVATIONE™ intends to stop time by providing lasting radiant beauty for a fresh, youthful appearance in sophisticated women of all ages.

ÉLÉVATIONE™ also offers sophisticated and rich cosmetic products and ranges which are specially formulated with scientific patented ingredients such as Patented Aqua Luxe, Tightox Patented Complex and Revive Patented Technology.

Products glide over the skin and melt deep into the dermal layers to repair a youthful appearance while providing a full sensory and a fully luxurious experience.

ÉLÉVATIONE™’s luxury skincare products are inspired by Salvador Dali’s famous artwork known as El Triomf I el Rodoli de la Gala I en Dali (The Triumph and Couplet of Gala and Dali), a magnificent piece of art which illustrates the flexibility of time. 

The ÉLÉVATIONE™ experience is available to women all over the world, in major locations ranging from London to Hong Kong.

The ÉLÉVATIONE™ London Rejuvenation Spa Boutique is located at 26 Brook Street, Mayfair and offers luxury cosmetic and aesthetic treatments such as Facials, Dermal Rejuvenation, Microdermabrasion and Micro-Needing as well as ÉLÉVATIONE™ skincare products and accessories.

For more information please visit 

26 Brook Street, Mayfair, London 

ÉLÉVATIONE™’s newest collection, inspired by Salvador Dali’s artwork El Triomf I el Rodoli de la Gala I en Dali which illustrates the flexibility of time, ÉLÉVATIONE™ presents its Time Stops Specials. 

The name ÉLÉVATIONE™ derives from the conception that every day in life should be elevated and indeed, this ideology manifests itself in these one-of-a-kind formulations. 

Designed to bring you the ÉLÉVATIONE™ experience, the below products are a testament to the word luxury. 

Here’s SalonNV’s picks of the Dali inspired collection. 

GOLD HYDROGEL MASK (25g/0.88 oz./*8pcs) 


This Gold Hydrogel Mask is infused with precious ingredients, including adenosine and Aspalathus Linearis Extract, this mask was designed to pamper, rejuvenate, and provide glowing skin. 

Directions for Use: (1) After cleansing your face, apply toner (2) Open package and remove protective layers (3) Apply the mask sheets – evenly on your face (4) Remove mask after 30 minutes and gently use fingers to pat any remaining product into the skin until thoroughly absorbed. 

EYER KIT (£1833.40) 

The Eyer Kit is the ultimate collection of products to combat the signs of aging and create a youthful, more radiant appearance. 

The Eyer Kit contains: 

The Under Eye Exercising Serum – a serum that shrinks the pores to reduce puffiness around the under-eye area. 

Under Eye Curactive Capsules – an effective corrector to create a more youthful appearance. 

The Eye Cream Idol – a moisturising and nourishing eye cream to hide tired eyes. 

Puffiness Eliminating Wizard – a one-of-a-kind tool that instantly reduces puffy eyes. 

Eye Makeup Remover – a super delicate daily makeup remover. 


The P.M. Brightening Pearl Serum adds brightness to your skin appearance, provides powerful antioxidant protection and reduces skin damage caused by free radicals. This serum is the ultimate product for gradually reducing the symptoms of age. 

The P.M Brightening Vitamin C Crème is a deep nourishing and restoring facial cream designed to keep skin soft and supple while nourishing dull complexions. It works to add brightness, improve skin elasticity and balance the skin tone. 

Directions for Use: Apply 1-2 pumps of the Pearl Serum over dry and clean skin. Apply 1-2 pumps of the cream and let it absorb. In the morning wash the cream off. Use every night.