Paul Chaplin getting a trim from the BBA's Gary Machin

Paul Chaplin, CEO of Cowens Group chats with BarberNV magazine about how it’s new offering, BarberSure, will give barbershop owners and freelancers peace of mind like never before.   

Since January 2019, Chartered insurance brokers Cowens has worked in partnership with the British Barbers Association (BBA) to develop a bespoke insurance product for barbers, and fully support the industry. 

On their partnership, Jackie Holian of the BBA says, “Having an insurance partner who understands the industry and the different pressures of owning a barbershop or being self-employed is invaluable when it comes to making sure you’ve got the right level of cover.” 

BarberSure provides all the policies barbers and business owners legally require in order to work, including public and product liability (including treatment insurance), employer’s liability, treatment insurance, and building and contents insurance. However, BarberSure offers more than traditional ‘off the shelf’ policies to barbers, and it does all of this while keeping costs low. 

Paul Chaplin says, “We’ve spent a lot of time creating a unique product. BarberSure has products you can’t get off the shelf or are very difficult to get. If you try to get products like terminal ends, denial of access, or loss of attraction and business interruption extensions you would struggle.” 

Knowing the right cover for you and your business is difficult, but important, as you should not underestimate the level of policy you may require. Understanding this, BarberSure works directly with your business to offer one of the best insurance schemes available to barbers.   

“You’re buying more than cover with BarberSure. You are buying high-quality advice,” explains Paul. “What we sell is advice with BarberSure ensure that the product fully meets the needs of the barbers. 

“We don’t sell barbers an off the shelf product, we take time to understand their needs and we introduce to them products appropriate for them.” 


If you’re an experienced self-employed barber, you will get Public and Product Liability at either £1m, £2m or £5m and Treatment Risk as standard. On top of this, there’s an option to include All Risks Cover anywhere in the UK on Equipment, Money Cover as standard and the option to include Personal Accident Cover in the event of injury. 

While barbershop cover includes all of the above policies but additionally includes Cover available for Contents, Stock, Business Interruption and Employer’s Liability.   

The non-standard policies BarberSure offers include Business Interruption, which means you are covered if there is an accidental failure of supply. For example, if your electricity was cut at the terminal ends. 

BarberSure also offers Loss of Attraction—a product you won’t find with most insurance schemes. Loss of Attraction is designed to cover your barbershop in the event an incident, at a different location within a one-mile radius damages your business. 

And finally, Denial of Access cover. This extension protects you against interruptions to your business, should access to your premises be prevented or restricted due to nearby damage. For example, if debris from a fire prevented safe access to your barbershop. 

Call 0300 303 4101 or visit to find out how BarberSure can safeguard you and your business, so you can do what you do with no worries.