Matthew Curtis Announced as Lead Stylist for Britain’s Next Top Model 2016


Matthew Curtis Announced as Lead Stylist for Britain’s Next Top Model 2016 on Lifetime®

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Renowned runway and celebrity stylist, Matthew Curtis has once again been appointed as the lead stylist for the new series of Britain’s Next Top Model, which is making a comeback on entertainment channel Lifetime® in January 2016. A natural in front of the camera, Matthew previsouly headed up the styling team for Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model in 2013.

As the head stylist for the Wella Professionals hair team using the new styling range, EIMI, Matthew has been overseeing the styling for the contestants and fashion’s future stars, joining the show’s celebrity judges: model and fashion designer Abbey Clancy; model, Paul Sculfor; fashion designer Hilary Alexander and celebrity photographer, Nicky Johnston.

As well as creating the looks for the weekly photoshoots, TV adverts and runways, Matthew chose the inspiration behind the defining looks that take the contestants from ordinary to extraordinary. Known as ‘Makeover Week’, historically during this episode, the cherry-picked contestants undergo dramatic hair transformations, all of which have been directed by Matthew.

Of the appointment, Matthew commented: “It’s been so exciting to be back on the set of Britain’s Next Top Model on behalf of Wella Professionals. What I love about being on the show is that you get to be so creative with the girls. The more dramatic and interesting the looks, the better! It’s such a buzz seeing the contestants grow in their modelling careers and know that you have been a part of this.”

Matthew’s impressive credentials range from celebrity collaborations and television appearances, to creating looks for some of the most iconic and influential designers out there. Effortlessly cool, but at the same time extremely amiable and immensely knowledgeable, Matthew is all about bringing fashion hair to the high-street.


Runway stylist and founder of the Hair Retreat, Matthew Curtis, gives his expert tips for winter hair care:

What happens to our hair and scalp in the winter?

Be it wind, rain or sub-zero temperatures, we are at risk of a number of bad hair days during the winter season. Not only this, but our hair is most prone to damage and breakage in these adverse conditions. When exposed to extreme coldness our hair almost contracts, which causes the cuticles to lie flatter and tighter, shrinking the hair cortex so hair feels thinner and becomes weaker.
What can we do to protect our hair and scalp from the harsher weather conditions?
To help prevent the cold harsh temperatures from damaging your hair and scalp, you need to consider a daily hair care regime that goes beyond cleansing and conditioning.
As soon as the air starts to get cooler, we naturally go for our winter boots, trusty woolly jumpers and invest in a moisturiser to treat our drier skin. However, it can take a lot longer for us to show the same attention to our hair care, sometimes leaving it too late. Using a great shampoo and conditioner helps, yes, but the care we give our hair needs to be daily, whether it’s applying a nourishing masque once a week, or soaking our hair in natural oils while we sleep.
Kérastase’s new Volume Beautifying Oil Mist is perfect for using every day in the winter, as it’s light weight, extremely nourishing and can be used on wet or dry hair
What tips do you have for keeping hair nourished and soft during the winter months?
Hair will feel drier during winter so it’s important to keep it feeling healthy. Try and wash your hair as little as possible to avoid making it even dryer. To combat the elements, apply a nourishing masque or leave-in treatment when you do wash your hair. I highly recommend the Leonor Greyl Masque Fleurs de Jasmin; not only does it smell amazing, it’s free from parabens, silicone and SLS. If you’re on a budget, then why not carry out a DIY treatment at home using coconut oil. Simply rub through mid-lengths and ends and let your hair soak up the natural goodness.
Are there any products or ingredients we should avoid when it comes to winter hair care?
Avoid anything that is going to excessively dry out your hair and cause ends to become brittle – swap your sea salt spray for a texturing serum such as Kérastase Elixir Ultime Metamorph Preparatory Oil Balm.
What are you favourite shades for the AW season?
Try switching from bleaching and highlighting your hair in the winter and go for a more autumnal rich, glossy colour next time you visit the salon. Think Christina Hendricks warm
and vibrant tones, which can be mixed up by keeping the roots slightly darker and then lighter tones to contour around the face, depending on face shape.
What style/look is going to be big for AW15 – how can you re-create this look at home?
Although we’re seeing a trend for un-done hair this autumn/winter, high ponies, slick chignons and alternative braids are taking over. Chignons are the perfect accessory for your Christmas party outfit. Here’s how to create a beautiful chignon at home:

Step 1: Begin with hair that’s been blow dried smooth away from the face.

Step 2: At the hair line, apply mousse and blow dry the hair back with a soft bristle brush.

Step 3: Starting at the nape of the neck, straighten the hair with flat irons in small sections, working your way to the front of the hair, still keeping the hair away from your face.

Step 4: Tip your head upside down and brush hair firmly into the crown, ensuring there are no pieces that gape at the back. Secure tightly with a bungee.

Step 5: Apply a liberal amount of serum into your hands and run through the hair in the pony tail.

Step 6: Plait the hair in a tight braid, all the way to the ends and secure in place with a clear snag band.

Step 7: Wrap the plait around the bungee and secure in place with grips.

Step 8: Spray hairspray closely over the top of the hair, making sure not to cover the whole area. This will help to give that smooth, slick wet look. Finish the style by lightly spraying the braided chignon to get rid of flyway’s and hold in place for a style that lasts all night long.
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