Revealed: The hair secret’s behind Scotland’s biggest influencers…


Instagram influencers are part of the modern day’s wave of online celebrity. Not only do loyal followers flock to their feeds daily for inspiration, they even share some of their biggest secrets with them.  

Scotland’s social scene is inundated with online influencers paving the way for all the latest fashion, beauty and hair trends. This month SalonNV spoke to some of the biggest Instagrammers in the country and where they go to keep their lustrous manes looking tip-top. 

Sheri Scott @foreveryoursbetty

Tangerine-haired blogger, fashion influencer and PR guru Sheri Scott has built a mass following of 45.7k on Instagram. Originally from Clydebank, the digital multihyphenate is best known for her bubbly persona and flamboyant style. 

SNV: When did you first dye your hair orange and why? 

SS: I split up with a boyfriend I was with for six years and it became that girl who is going to change their hair is going to change their life situation. I’m a natural blonde and for years I was peroxide blonde because I always want to be extra. I went to the salon and told them I want to be the most ginger you’ve ever seen. That still wasn’t enough so we went orange. I haven’t looked back since. 

SNV: How did you become an influencer? 

SS: I started my blog over ten years ago and that was all based on me sharing my thoughts and my outfits. Fashion is a passion of mine and I’ve always loved expressing myself through style. When Instagram came out, my first ever post was of my leaky roof! It wasn’t a purposeful get on Instagram game. I didn’t realise back then that Instagram was going to be what it was. I think because I’ve been there quite a while and people have got to know me and my pride for Glasgow, that’s why I now have a lot of followers. 

SNV: Where do you get your hair done? 

SS: I go to Blow and I’ve been going there for a number of years now. It was horrendous before Blow came along because I used to be a highlighter orange and I wanted something a bit richer. 

I’ve been working with Blow from the beginning before the doors opened and they came up with what was my signature colour. I’ll be like Vivienne Westwood and have this shade until I’m in my 80s. I had my hair yellow once and I felt like a fraud. That lasted two weeks. 

Lynsay Neil @lynsayloves


With her sleek black bob and bold fashion choices, Lynsay Neil, 33, from Glasgow’s Southside, is fast becoming one of the biggest influencers in the country.  

Blogger at influencer with 12.8k followers on lynsayloves 

SNV: How important is having good hair to you?   

LN: Never underestimate the power of good hair!  Haha! But seriously—having freshly cut locks gives me such a pep in my step and I kind of like to think of my shiny black bob as part of my signature look now.

SNV: Which salon do you tend to always go back to and why?

LN: I get my hair done by the fabulous Emma Diamond, who’s been cutting hair for 13 years and is currently working her magic at Mr. Blonde in Merchant City, Glasgow. Finding a hairdresser who “gets” you and your personal style can be so tricky, but Emma and I gelled right away. She’s worked with the likes of Topshop and Prada so I know I’m in good hands!  

SNV: What are some of your must have hair products?   

LN: For me, it’s all about protecting the colour and condition of my hair—my hair is really thick so this is super important! I love the Tea Tree, Neuro and Kenra ranges (all by Paul Mitchell) to keep my hair moisturised, protected from heat and to keep my colour in tip-top shape. I’ve also recently added the Miracle Hair Treatment by Eleven Australia into my routine for an extra boost and I’m really impressed with how awesome it is! 

SNV: Can you tell us about your biggest hair disaster?  

LN: Oh god! I decided to get a pixie cut years ago and I really didn’t suit it. To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, “Big mistake. Huge.” It took forever to grow out and it was my passport haircut for ten years.    

SNV: What are your top tips for influencers to raise their profile on social media?  

LN: Be yourself. It sounds really simple, but it’s honestly the most important thing you can do. Whatever it is you’re passionate about—be it nail art, knitting or pizza—share that. Your enthusiasm, personality and authentic self will shine through and your tribe WILL find you, trust me! 

Cairo O’Neill @cairooneill


Girly Cairo O’Neill, 26, from Renfrew has 10.5K followers on her @cairooneill Instagram page.  

SNV: Where do you get your hair inspiration from?  

CO: I normally go through trends on Instagram. At Christmas time there I went short but I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to do that if I hadn’t seen some girls online who had done it already. 

SNV: Which salon do you tend to always go back to for your hair and why?  

CO: I’ve been working with Petra hair salon in Glasgow city centre. They’ve put me on a journey to get my hair back to good condition. For the last four months I’ve been getting my hair coloured, mass treatments and hair extensions put in by them. 

SNV: What are some of your must have hair products?  


CO: One thing I tell everybody to get is Revlon One Spray. It’s a protein spray and because I’ve got blonde hair it gets really dry but when I put this on it’s absolutely unbelievable. I swear by it. It’s really nourishing. I also use Olaplex number three which is a mass treatment that can be used at home. Literally, you use it once and can see results. 

SNV: What are your top tips for influencers to raise their profile?  

CO: It’s all about posting regularly and interacting with people. I’ve never really had a set plan on what to do or how to do it. I’ve always just loved clothes and I got my boyfriend to take pictures of my outfits and just posted them online. 

Claire Stuart @beewaits


Cool chick Claire Stuart, 30, has 12.9k followers on her Instagram @beewaits and is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from Dennistoun.

SNV: You have undergone a number of hair transformations throughout the years, where do you get your hair inspiration from?  

CS: I just creep through Pinterest or Instagram and save things I think look nice. Sometimes though one of the best things to have is a hairdresser that is honest and manages your hair expectations. Other times I can get my ideas from cartoons, celebrities or bands—it all depends on my mood. 

SNV: Where is your go-to salon?  

CS: I’m a Blow loyalist. It’s the first salon that’s stuck from a mix of doing what I want and pushing me out my comfort zone to trying fantasy themes and coloured roots. They help to encourage a bit of playfulness which is fun. 

SNV: Describe your hair regime?  

CS: As low maintenance as possible. I don’t use a lot of styling or hair products. I just want my hair to be in good nick, to keep it blonde and to make sure it’s looking clean and light. I want it to be in good condition. 

SNV: Name your favourite hair products and hair tools?  

CS: I tend to use NouNou hair masque and a product from Fabuloso which you can use as a deep treatment and mix it to any colour your hair is at the time. 

SNV: How can budding influencers raise their profile on Instagram?  

CS: I think people need to realise that Instagram isn’t real life and that people don’t just want to see the gloss and the good times. They want to see behind the scenes as well. It’s important to have a voice that’s true to yourself and at the end of the day, most people want someone that’s authentic and that they can talk to at the pub. Honesty and trust is important. 

Michelle Haswell @kingdomofstylemichelle


Michelle Haswell, 46, is co-editor of popular fashion blog Kingdom of Style which has been running for 13 years. She has built a following of more than 3,000 people on Instagram @kingdomofstylemichelle but her blog is read worldwide.

SNV: How important is having good hair to you?  

MH: So important! My hair is probably my defining feature so I take damn good care of it. As I get older my hair needs change so I do whatever I can to keep it in tiptop shape.

SNV: Which salon do you tend to always go back to for your hair and why?  

MH: I trust with my locks with only one woman—Zoe from a small salon local to me called Girasoli. For years and years I had just one length, blunt hair with a blunt fringe but I recently entrusted her to give me layers after I decided to grow my fringe out. It was a big decision to lose so much of my trademark hair but she instinctively knew how far to take it. She never pushes me to cut off more than I’m comfortable with.

SNV: What are some of your must have hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, styling tools, product, etc?  

MH: Thermal protectors are a must for me as I have to wash and dry my hair every day. At the moment I use one from Osis. My other ride or die is Puff Me. This stuff is the bomb! Backcombed hair without the backcombing. I also swear by Giovanni Calming Conditioner to calm my tangle prone mane. It’s the only conditioner that lets me comb my hair wet. I also can’t live without my ghd straighteners, which I use to create waves. My hair is dead straight without a bit of help and I find these are easier to use than curling tongs.

SNV: How would you describe yourself in three words? 

MH: Rock and Roll.

SNV: What are your top tips for influencers to raise their profile on social media? 

MH: To be honest there are no easy answers. The more mainstream and accessible your content then the wider appeal you’ll have obviously, but I would say numbers don’t an influencer make. Don’t get caught up with how many followers you have, just focus on creating content you enjoy first and foremost and people will find you. There has been a bit of backlash against influencers who will advertise any crap for money, so authenticity is becoming more and more a focus. No matter what you’re sharing on your social channels, make sure it’s authentic and honest. 


Amanda Davies @honeypopkisses


Amanda Davies, who is best known for her quirky and colourful Instagram feed @honeypopkisses, has an incredible 38.6k followers and owns her own online vintage shop Oh Hello Vintage. 

SNV: What’s your favourite salon of all time? 

AD: I’ve been going to Blow Finnieston for three years now. I was pink for a very long time and I started going to them because they used to stock Manic Panic products, which is a vegan and cruelty-free range from New York. It’s nice to go to a salon and actually get your hair done professionally. 

SNV: What inspires you to change your hair? 

AD: I’ve actually shaved my hair now but I’m going to re-bleach it again later in the year and go back to pink again, which is my signature shade. It feels weird not to have pink hair at the moment. I’ve had it pink for seven years and I get a lot of my inspiration from musicians or characters in films. I’ve always loved Debbie Harry, so I cut my hair into a long bob and I got a micro bob. 

SNV: What are your must have hair products? 

AD: I love Maria Nila’s shampoos and conditioners, they’re really nourishing and they have a really good range. Now that my hair is short, I also use their styling clays and they don’t weigh your hair down or make it feel sticky or anything. 

SNV: Top tips on how to gain followers online? 

AD: My advice would be to create content that you want to create and work with brands that you want to work with. Don’t feel like you have to conform or look like anyone or do what anyone else is doing because that’s what makes you special. That’s what’s going to draw people to you. 

Stefanie Moir @naturallystefanie


Stefanie Moir, 25, from Glasgow, has gained an incredible 302k followers on Instagram since starting up her global vegan fitness community online at 

SNV: Firstly, could you tell me a bit about your background as an influencer? 

SM: I started using Instagram five years ago to post food related posts as I started getting into the gym and went vegan. Overtime the content expanded onto a blog, an ebook, a Youtube channel and is now my full-time job along with my health and fitness website.

SNV: How important is having good hair to you? 

SM: Very! I have always had strong healthy hair minus a few small haircut and dyeing disasters along the way so maintaining that is always a priority. I would never bleach my hair again or do any harsh dyes. I wash it 2-3 times per week to keep as much natural oil as possible and blow dry it once half dry so it isn’t overly heat treated. I also stick to natural hair products as much as possible. 

SNV: Which salon do you tend to always go back to for your hair and why? 

SM: I go to Jack Baxter at 132 West Regent Street in Glasgow. Jack has been doing my hair for two years now and is just a magician at balayage and blending hair colour to make is natural! I have naturally brown hair but started going to Jack when I came across him on social media as I wanted to lighten my hair without being blonde so very much keeping the natural colour and blending in lighter colours to give it a bit more life.  

SNV: What are some of your must have hair products? 

SM: I love the Maui moisture shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, the range is vegan and crueltyfree and smells amazing. I blow dry and mostly straighten my hair with GHD. 

SNV: What are your top tips for influencers to raise their profile on social media? 

SM: Stay consistent with your content and also with who you are as a person. Don’t try to pretend to be someone else of copy other popular pages to try replicate their success, people don’t just follow pages they follow people so showcase who you are as a person and if people like you they will be more likely to follow!