Samuel Burley Collaborates with Great Lengths


Following their launch earlier this year, Great Lengths have teamed up with fashion colour superstar and Great Lengths certified stylist Samuel Burley at Samuel Burley.  

Samuel has created two looks incorporating the limited-edition shades Dusty Pink and Coral as well as the newly launched GL Tapes Minis. 

An expert in colour and an Instagrammers favourite hair profile , Samuel comments on the two colours used to create these new looks.  

“I absolutely love the limited edition colours, they’re both on-trend and completely timeless.  

“These limited edition colours from Great Lengths allow my clients to experience the colours without the full-time commitment.  

“Usually, fashion colours fade fast and require lots of maintenance but these from Great Lengths retain the colour keeping it vibrant and fresh for longer.” 

Samuel commented on finishing these two looks, “I really wanted to highlight how easy it is to effectively lengthen and thicken clients hair seamlessly using GL Tapes without overloading and weighing down the head with extensions.  

“GL Tapes are so tiny yet give so much coverage.  

“Both of the girls required extra coverage around the hairline and crown, which is where the GL Tape Minis really allowed me to push the boundaries and hide the shorter hair.  

“These work especially well at the front of the hairline when working higher up to connect shorter layers to the length of the extensions.  

“I kept the styling soft and simple to show off the colour and not detract from it. 

Great Lengths recently introduced GL Tapes Minis allowing stylists to offer their clients discreet, tiny tapes at half the size, perfect for filling in small areas that require coverage.  

GL Tapes Minis were used in the shoot, Samuel commented on how they were used to create the final looks, “The GL Tape Minis are amazing for clients who need that little bit of extra help with coverage, especially around the hairline and crown.  

“Even though the regular-sized tapes are small, these are absolutely tiny and very discreet which opens up even more possibilities to us as stylists, allowing us to push the boundaries even further.”