SHABA ANNOUCEMENT: Hairdressing icon Ann Herman, 93, given Lifetime Achievement award


Hairdressing icon Ann Herman has been given a Lifetime Achievement award for her work within the fellowship aged 93.

The events director and patron of honour was given the accolade last night on the behalf of SHABA (Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards) by MBE Errol Douglas.

Ann has been involved with Fellowship Hair since 1972, now holding the highest title within the organisation.

Presenting the award, SHABA judge and educator Errol said in a touching speech: “It’s a great honour for me because this lady was one of the first people who put me on my members night when I was 21.

“She has been part of the Fellowship for over 40 years since 1972 and she’s seen some incredibly famous names come through.

“She’s everybody’s friend, she’s always got advice for people and she’s the most genuine and honest person I know, and she will tell you like it is.

“That’s a quality that many people are scared of.

“She is my second mum.”

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing was founded in 1946 as The Fellowship of Hair Artists of Great Britain.
Since then, the Fellowship has grown to be the leading organisation in the UK for promoting and celebrating British hairdressing.

Accepting her award, an emotional Ann told cheering crowds: “I love Scotland, I really do – my family are still there. I’m deeply honoured to receive this from the Scottish hairdressing.

“But most of all I want to thank every single one of you sitting here tonight for giving all your time to hairdressing and I’d like to tell you that the fellowship has done wonders for me.

“I’m 93 years old now, the same age as Her Majesty the Queen but I live a slightly different lifestyle.

“I want to thank everything you’ve done for me. Thank you.”