STOP Skincare event 22 June, Edinburgh


Before anti-ageing comes prevent-ageing… Because prevention is always better than cure.

STOP…THE WRINKLES BEFORE THEY START, is a new, clinically advanced skincare range specifically designed for anyone concerned with combatting the first signs of aging – typically those aged from mid-twenties to mid-thirties. Developed by Dr Darren McKeown, a leading figure in minimally invasive aesthetic medicine in the U.K., and formulated with powerful active ingredients to counteract all the main causes of normal skin aging, STOP…THE WRINKLES BEFORE THEY START Is an easy-to-use, concise and cost-effective skincare line specifically designed to address the first signs of aging.

The line has just five straight-forward products, Cleanser, Day Cream, Night Cream, Serum and Eye Cream.