The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Barber Project get a texture masterclass


Irish barbering megastar and Andis global educator, Hayden Cassidy was the latest expert to lend the Fellowship’s Barber Project her male grooming expertise. 

As the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Barber Project team continues their year, it was over to their latest guest mentor Hayden Cassidy, to share some of her valuable insight on techniques and tricks for working with diverse textured hair. 

The Andis global educator and barber expert was handpicked by team leader, Jonathan Andrew, to give the team a practical understanding of working with Afro and Asian hair types. 

Hayden demonstrated two looks for the team, starting with an Afro model. She walked the team through working with this texture, explaining how freehand cutting was the best method to achieve a uniform finish to the look.

Working freehand with clippers and finessing with scissors, Hayden created a soft fade with a rounded top to flatter the model. 

The second model had very straight Asian hair, which Hayden worked with to demonstrate a skin fade to textured crop, with length left on top. 

As she worked with the models, Hayden shared with the team her incredible journey through barbering and stage work.

She credited the numerous barbers who mentored her, topping up her self-taught skills, which have seen her become a social media tour de force on Instagram and YouTube, as well as enjoying a career educating around the globe. 

“Seeing how Hayden puts her mark on each cut was really inspiring,” says Sarah Morrissey from Sarai Hair. “She is an amazing barber and I got loads from today—particularly about how to create a perfect fade on different hair types; something which I wanted to perfect. Being able to watch and ask questions was so beneficial. I found today so inspiring!”