Last month the Fellowship’s Barber Project headed to the Master Barber’s Shop in Southport for a shaving masterclass. 

Beards and shaving are big business, with facial hair in 2019 being more commonplace and commercial than ever.  

According to YouGov research, 42% of men now rock some sort of facial hair with 44% of those choosing to sport a full beard. 

With the beardy boom, it’s important barbers feel as confident handling facial hair as they do head hair. 

This is why the Barber Project received a fully immersive session in shaving and facial hair from the Master Barber’s Shop team. 

The day kicked off with an introduction to the award-winning barber business before owners Dan and Robert Rix gave the team a brief history on shaving over the years.  

From trends to techniques and an overview about product retail for the barbering industry. 

Dan and Robert then gave the team a shaving presentation and model demonstration, followed by a bream trim, shape and condition on a model with a long beard. 

Following the presentations, it was time for the team to put their new knowledge into practice.  

In pairs, the team each did a shave on a model, as well as a beard trim, including using the razor for a shape up. 

“I got so much out of the day,” says team member Sarah Morrissey. “I have done a little wet shaving before, but this was so much more in-depth and about a full grooming experience for the client.  

“I also learnt some new tips on how I could improve my technique and get a closer shave.  

“Beard trimming wasn’t something I’ve done before, so this was really interesting to see—and, like most things, it looks much easier than it is!  

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“I feel after a little more practice I would definitely be able to introduce these services into the salon.   

“I did a shave course about eight years ago and have one client I do regularly,” she continues. “But have never pushed the service as I never felt really confident in it.  

“Now, I feel totally confident and am going to expand our male grooming services in the salon, and start promoting wet shaving and beard services. 

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“I’m also going to train some team members up in the beard services.”