On Monday 30th November the F.A.M.E. Team attended their final date with past President and Brand Ambassador Errol Douglas MBE.
The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge provided the beautiful location for the day and Errol had created presentation packs for Amelia, Lucy, Luke and Peter that included inspiring literature and marketing material.

Errol started the day with a brief history of The F.A.M.E. Team and the past members. He spoke fondly of his own involvement both as a member and as a Project Leader, as well as his current role within The Fellowship. It was amazing to hear of the industry names who had been previously involved and reflect on where they are now.

Throughout the morning Errol provided his expertise in areas of PR, social media, photographic work and self-promotion. The Team were able to really interact with Errol and ensure they got as much out of the session as possible. His personal and professional experiences were easily identifiable and his industry knowledge apparent throughout.

In the afternoon Errol introduced a special guest to the F.A.M.E. Team in Jessica Huie MBE. Jessica shared her media journey and spoke of how she came to found JHPR. As the youngest individual to receive an MBE it was incredibly empowering to hear how she had been recognised for her contribution towards entrepreneurship. It was amazing to hear how her career as a showbiz journalist for several British national newspapers led her to becoming a PR consultant. Her knowledge was paramount in establishing where Amelia, Lucy, Luke and Peter would direct themselves in the years to follow within the industry.

The whole day was a fitting end for this year’s F.A.M.E. Team who have really developed both personally and professionally. Since being announced at last year’s Luncheon & Awards they have shown just what an amazing opportunity this educational platform is and we are looking forward to seeing what is next for Amelia, Lucy, Luke and Peter.

Amelia Evans from Russell Eaton said “What a fantastic way to end such an amazing year! The day was about ‘life after the F.A.M.E. Team’ and how we can push ourselves to stay ahead of the game. Jessica Huie MBE was inspirational and we felt very privileged to receive beautiful books and personal messages as a gift”
Errol Douglas MBE said “I think this is crucial for the Team to understand the importance of becoming an industry young hopeful “You saw them here first” and you will be seeing them more in the future”