The world’s biggest industry talents attend Barber Connect 2019

James Beaumont.

If there was one thing people took away from this year’s Barber Connect event, it was that hard work is the key to success.

More than 5,000 people attended the annual hub designed for all of the industry heavyweights to network, educate, learn and show the barbering world the latest looks and most innovative new products.

More than 5,000 barbers attended the two-day event.

Seminars were held on two stages; Wahl Stage and Interational Clubman Pinaud, where the biggest names in men’s hair styling take over and show budding barbers exactly how it’s done.

Barbers from every background and experience laid down the foundations of a great haircut to show both all the modern and classic cutting techniques on June 2 and 3.

The likes of James Beaumont, Kevin Luchmun, Frederick Johnson aka Sipp the Surgeon, Dave Diggs and Matty Conrad were given the warmest of welcomes by fans and industry friends.

Matty Conrad.

Victory Barber and Brand founder Matty, who has been voted Canadian Barber of the Year, said: “I’ve been really focused on a different style of education that you see for a lot of people.

“I’m very much around fundamentals and shape and foundation. And so that transcends into a number of lengths.

“Sometimes I find it’s more interesting to see something that I don’t do behind my chair a lot.

“Very fortunately I found a model that was perfect for that and I find it really important to focus in exemplifying their personality, their style and their vibe.”

Joined by some of the most enigmatic and celebrated figures in the barbering world, there were also appearances from the baby-faced duo behind Bull & Co, who have developed a stunning reputation in the short space of just four years.

Represented by 28-year-old Cal Newsome and 18-year-old Jay Roberts, the pair have already experienced teaching in countries all over the world.

Cal said: “This is pretty much our hometown so when we got asked to do the international stage here it was a massive honour.”

James Beaumont.

Throughout the event, some of social media’s biggest barbering stars spoke to Salon NV backstage about the number one trends and products inspiring them this year.

Ruger Team boss Alan Beak, who will be representing the Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards this September in Glasgow, will be looking for the most creative but skilled cutters.

He said: “I’ve never judged SHABA before and I’m excited because I always like to do something that I’ve not done.

“I’ve worked with Barber NV a few times so it’s nice to move into the next step.

“I’ve got a really good following in Scotland and I’ve always had a great reception when I go there, so to be a judge in that area it’s something that’s good for me.”