Toastie Styles


It’s been a while since Dani Lewis aka @toastiestyles graced the pages of BarberNV, and what better occasion than when we’re celebrating the incredible women in barbering.

From the start Dani has done things to the beat of her own drum. Self-taught, she now features heavily on the Johnny’s Chop Shop YouTube channel—showing others her cutting and styling techniques. Social media has given Dani much more than followers and an international reputation, as she tells BarberNV…

BNV: It’s been a while since the last time you were in BarberNV, which was all the way back in issue 5. What’s been happening in your career since then and how do you feel your style has evolved over this time?

DL: Since issue 5 my career has blown up and I’ve learnt so much! Not just from cutting hair, but from my clients. I’ve watched them all grow up, it’s like having loads of sons. They make me more confident and creative. If it wasn’t for them, I think I would slack on my career massively and I wouldn’t try new things out.


BNV: You’ve been doing style, cutting, and small interviews on the Johnny’s Chop Shop YT channel. Is education something you’d like to push yourself towards in the future?

DL: As a self-taught barber I don’t think teaching is something I’ll ever be interested in. I can be crazy creative with no structure, so I don’t know if anyone would understand my way of cutting. I actually want someone to teach me!


BNV: You have a very prolific social media profile. Do you think more tutorials and video content is where the future of barbering on social media is going?

DL: Definitely, I mean partly the reason I got so far in barbering is because of videos on YouTube and Instagram. I’m planning to get some creative content set up for 2019… stay tuned!


BNV: Do you feel you’ve encountered any challenges as a female in a male-dominated industry?

DL: At the beginning, yes. Not many girls were doing barbering so I think guys couldn’t take it seriously. This is why I think so highly of Instagram. If I didn’t show my content, I would still be that girl in the barber shop clients avoided. Once you show your potential you shouldn’t encounter any challenges.


BNV: Do you think barbering is more accessible for women now?

DL: 100% yes.


BNV: What plans do you have for the future?

DL: I’m not a massive planner, I like to go with the flow and see what the universe throws at me. I have a few ideas… but they’re top secret.