Uppercut Deluxe Celebrates 10 Years


Much-loved Australian grooming brand, Uppercut Deluxe is celebrating their decade in existence. Ten Years of Staying Power is a massive milestone, and Grounded Motion has put together a documentary piece to commemorate the occasion, which is available from the brand’s website.

“When I first started out barbering, I was constantly ragged on by my mates,” Uppercut Deluxe Founder, Steve Purcell said. “It doesn’t seem so long ago that dudes would be embarrassed about even getting their hair cut, but now you see lines out the door of barber shops all the time.”

Over the past decade, barbering saw a resurgence, with new barber shops opening doors and more hair than ever being put on the floor. Uppercut Deluxe came into being at the jump off and has continued to supply barber shops globally and play a part in such a huge cultural shift.

On making it to double-figures, Steve Purcell added: “Back then, I couldn’t have even imagined that Uppercut Deluxe would get to where it is today, I really thought we would be limited by how far Barbering would come back.

“One of our missions from the very start was to do everything in our power to help further the trade. With a tonne of hard work and timing on our side, we like to think that we did our little part in helping fuel the change in perception about men’s grooming.”

In its ten-year history, Uppercut Deluxe has earned a position as an industry leader, with highlights such as recruiting a diverse team of Global Ambassadors, cutting at some of the world’s biggest music, surf and skate events, and most importantly getting in the hands of people across 40 countries, it’s easy to see why the brand is excited about the future.

To celebrate a decade of Staying Power, Uppercut Deluxe is releasing a limited-edition capsule including a t-shirt, anniversary edition tin lid, keyring and patch, all of which stamped with the 10-year-anniversary graphic, designed by one of the original Uppercut Deluxe founders.

Check out the tin, tee, patch and keyring on the Uppercut Deluxe website www.uppercutdeluxe.com/uk/