The Final Look


Step One 

Prep damp hair with ghd curl hold spray (£12.95) to give your curls long lasting hold.

Step Two

Create a deep side parting.

Step Three

Starting at the low side of the parting, place the ghd Royal Dynasty platinum+ styler (£175) horizontally across the top of the head at the root, close and rotate 190 degrees down.

Step Four 

Glide the styler down and away from the face all the way to the ends. Continue working in sections with the same technique on the low side of the parting, always rotating the styler in the same direction.

Step Five

On the other side of the head the styler should now be pointing towards the face.

Step Six

Once cooled, dress the curls using the Oval Dressing Brush (£20) and spritz with ghd final fix hairspray (£9.95).