Well Hellohennabrows, 
we’ve been expecting you…


Kiss goodbye to timeworn tint and say Hellohennabrows… the hottest vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly brow treatment of the century!

Hellohennabrows is the brain-child of Louise Bannigan, one of the UK’s most highly acclaimed brow artists. Delivering a beautiful on-trend natural look, with perfect brow definition and long lasting results, this treatment is set to revolutionise the world of brows.

Five shades strong, the Hellohennabrows range is the most talked-about treatment amongst therapists and brow enthusiasts. It’s completely lead, ammonia and peroxide free, making it the most gentle brow treatment on the market today.

Taking the industry by storm Hellohennabrows has been shaking up the global brow-treatment market in destinations including Dubai, New Zealand, Gibralta, Mauritius and Ireland – and now courtesy of The Eyebrow Doctor this amazing new treatment is about to hit the streets of New York City for the first time ever.

Brow Restoration Treatment

If your eyebrows have lost their natural brow framework or are thinning, the brand-new stem cell Brow Restoration Treatment is the perfect solution and when used in conjunction with Hellohennabrows will leave you with beautiful, natural-looking brows to rival even Cara Delevingne’s

Helping to regenerate the brow in its natural form this regenerative treatment uses a combination of stem cell technology and micropigmentation techniques. Carried out using a digital machine or micro blade, peptides are applied into the hair shaft of the brow, which acts as a signal agent to stimulate your own stem cells and natural growth of your eyebrows.

To get the best out of Brow Restoration clients require between four and six treatments, and must apply our 100% plant extract brow-restorer lotion every day after treatment. The lotion encourages the hair follicles to stay longer in the growth phase, producing longer stronger and more vital brows in return.

The peptides used during the Brow Restoration are not derived from humans, completely safe to use on your skin and have no negative health implications.


Our powerful Hellohennabrows training course has already proved its incredible value to therapists, having had reported an overwhelming response from their customers.

Charlene, a UK therapist and recent graduate of Epibrow International Training Academy said;  “I just want to thank the girls at Epibrow again for delivering outstanding training on Monday! I was on the Hellohennabrows course and I launched it in salon the Monday

night. Within 12 hours I had taken 82 bookings, the demand was unreal.

Kim, another UK therapist and graduate of Epibrow International Training Academy said;  “I am absolutely delighted! The HelloHennaBrow is a total game changer. As soon as I have my clients patch tested, it will be the only brow treatment I use in the salon. I love it and love how it just adapts to everyone’s skin and hair colour.


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