Why Schwarzkopf Professional’s Shaping Futures Matters 10 Years On


Schwarzkopf Professional’s charitable initiative, Shaping Futures is celebrating its tenth anniversary, having helped thousands of disadvantaged youngsters across the world.  

Since 2009 UK teams have trained over 300 students. 

Earlier this year a team of volunteers from across the UK travelled to the Phillippines and the SOS Children’s Villiage outside LIPA to teach hairdressing skills to 25 students.  

Every student was looking to create a better future for themselves and their families, away from poverty. 

One student said, “My inspiration is my father. He always comes home tired and when we have nothing to eat he doesn’t mind not eating as long as he has food for us.” 

In a recently produced film, the students expressed why Shaping Futures is so instrumental in changing their world and them a future.  

National director of SOS Philippines, Gemma Goliath said, “Shaping Futures is giving children the opportunity to reach their dreams.” 

Working in groups, eight UK hairdressers spent two weeks passing on their knowledge of cutting, colouring, styling hair and customer service to the students. 

Newcastle-based hairdresser, Rachelle Summerson-Wright said, “Watching their skills, confidence and personalities grow was so emotional, each one of them holds a place in my heart. It was a journey for me I’ll never forget!” 

Following six weeks training the students have all graduated with job offers from David’s Salon—a hairdressing chain of 250 salons that operates across the Philippines run by David Charlton. 

Shaping Futures UK ambassador, Janet Maitland said, “I am so proud of how far they’ve all come in such a short amount of time, as well as how brilliant our volunteers are. They are amazing and their efforts pay off every single time. Thank you to everyone involved, you’re all utterly brilliant.” 

In July the second group of volunteers will be heading out to Vietnam to support youngsters there. 

Fundraising for the initiative continues all year round, and anyone wishing to donate money to help support this project can do so by visiting justgiving.com/shapingfutures 

Shaping Futures is a global initiative run by Schwarzkopf Professional and supported by the Fritz Henkel Stiftung. 

2019 UK Volunteers 

2019 UK Volunteers 

  • Keely Passmore – Janet Maitland Hair Excellence 
  • Rachelle Summerson-Wright – The Junkyard Creative 
  • Diana Carson – Rainbow Room International 
  • Laura Kerr – Rainbow Room International 
  • Rachel Kirk – Brassy2sassyy 
  • Amber Small – Coloured Soul 
  • Troy Boyd – Anthony John 
  • Daishia Holmes – Lewis Moore